What does MG, MEG et PBG mean?

MG = Matching grants
MEG = Market-entry grants
PBG = Performance-based grants

What are the projects that qualify for the Grant?

Off grid solar systems as Solar lanterns, SHS and any solar electricity for productive Use in rural area are qualified.

Are the following eligible: Surface or submersible water pumps, freezers, mills, hullers, threshers, oil, presses, egg, incubators, ice-making machines, refrigerators, and drying chambers, fridges, freezers, refrigerators, charging stations, battery swapping stations ?

All these applications are eligible. Except drying chamber which is thermal solar energy (no need
solar Panels)
. However they need to be certified by Verasol or IEC/TS 62257-9-8 standard adopted by
ECOWAS countries.

Is battery manufacturing one of the projects
sponsored under the ROGEAP Grant?

Please no.

Could you please clarify the phrase “It is important to understand that the cost of developing the full proposal is not borne by ROGEAP”.
What kind of cost do you mean exactly?

THAT MEANS : The preparation fee for your Full Proposal is not paid by ROGEAP. Indeed, you can
request the support of a consultant or Study firm but the related fees are not repayable or reimbursable to you.

Could you please explain what matriculation
number is?

We mean company registration number

We have successfully implemented projects totaling over 5MW across 30 mini-grids, 38 healthcare facilities, and commercial-scale projects, including a Mall.
Are we eligible for the ROGEAP program ?

Please note that mini-grid or micro grid are not eligible for ROGEAP. Only stand-alone solar systems are eligible.

Can we send in a request to do 5 projects in one country i.e. $1m for 5 projects with a Grant request of $200k each (all under the same corporate entity)?

See below for the similar question and corresponding clarification.

Is solar irrigation company entering new markets eligible for the Grant?

Yes, Solar irrigation is productive use of solar electricity. This project is eligible for the grant. Yet the system must provide energy which will benefit many rural small farmers; not large agro-industrial firms.

ROGEAP does not cover the cost of developing the full proposal. Does this imply that this cost
should not be considered in the project to be submitted as an expense?

Please note that ROGEAP will not cover the cost of developing the full proposal !

Is it possible to change the amount of the subsidy or do we have to maintain the first

It’s possible to review the amount of the grant according to your Full Proposal needs.

We have solar pump certified by VeraSol, but our panels are not, can we use them for a project
under ROGEAP?

Ok, you can use this panel but it is very important to attach in your proposal the manufacturer’s technical specification data sheet for the appreciation of the evaluation committee. Please note that your Full Proposal will be rejected if the technical sheet miss or does not meet the technical requirements of ROGEAP.

Is HND OR ND in electrical acceptable as a certificate for ROGEAP? If not please, which certification in Nigeria is acceptable?

Any other certification is not accepted except Verasol certification or IEC/TS 62257-9-8 standard adopted by ECOWAS countries.
But, if your question is about qualification of human resources as the regional technician certification, please know that this type of
certification is not a requirement for your full proposal. Any training certificate or education diploma can justify.

How should we do to protect our installed solar batteries system?

Please note that in the market there are DC Fuse, Switches or Breakers that you can use for batteries

It is possible to apply for two different grants at the same time?

No, it is not possible to apply for two different grants for same Full Proposal and at the same time.

Are drilling machine, solar vehicles, computers, rent cost for building, lanterns, SHS products and productive used such as solar pump, TV, solar refrigerators, can be taken as matching contribution

Yes, all these applications are eligible. But, please be sure that your target end-users are rural area without national grid and provide evidence of purchase of the concerned assets after the date ofthe submission of your EOI to the ROGEAP grant
by providing both the invoice and the evidence of bank payment.

How to choose the inverter for a particular off-grid system?

The Inverter power is depending to the Panel capacity. Simply, please use this formular to choose your inverter:
After you need to see in the market the appropriate and suitable Inverter with the right capacity.

Is it allowed to use two different types of batteries storage system for two different controllers and panels array and connect them to the same inverter?

This is technically allowed only if you have also two different inverters with same capacity and same specifications and then you put them in parallel. Please, make sure that you have the same technical specifications for Panel array of the two parallel systems, same for controllers, same for batteries storage parcs and then same for Inverters.

Can we upgrade our battery storage system by adding the new battery to old one?

Please this is not allowed technically. An old battery and the new battery do not have the same specifications.

How to identify/choice K factor for PV modules sizing?

This factor is depended of many other influence parameters. To make a very good choice, you can refer to the training participant’s handout. Or, please use this following K factor : K = 0.8

Is 350W the maximum power for any ROGEAP off-grid project?

This is not limited for productive use applications and rural public’s buildings. The 350 Wp requirement is for certified SHS and lantern which are mostly needed by rural households.

Are biomass-to-biofuel projects to be considered in this project as it falls under productive use?

Please No, we are looking for solar photovoltaic projects only.

Which among these sales fits under the grant eligibility ? We distribute and install solar panels,
inverters, and batteries in one city. Is the expansion to another city an eligible project for the grant?

Yes but make sure your distribution targets rural areas and also you expand stand-alone solar systems.

Can we have the list of contacts and available resources or experts’ financial projections or business plan writing for assistance in the drafting of the ROGEAP project?

ROGEAP does not have have, and has not enlisted any group of experts business plan writing assistance for full proposal development in any country or in the region. SMEs looking to engage consultants for such assistances can do so at their
own cost. However questions and clarifications regarding full proposal development can be sent to info@rogeappfm.org

What are the commitments of the companies that will receive the ROGEAP subsidy?

The milestones will be agreed with SMEs/businesses on this non-exhaustive following list:

  • Business/sales results
  • Product quality and standards
  • Customer satisfaction
  • ESHS, e-waste and grievance plan and
  • Output deliverables or milestones (SHS,
    PUE, etc.)
  • Impact targets or milestone (jobs, women
    jobs, etc.)

Could you please clarify who is eligible for the ROGEAP program?

ROGEAP primarily considers solar SMEs. Solar companies are in the business of manufacturing, developing, marketing, selling and/or
commercialization of solar photovoltaic systems to produce solar power or electricity.

ROGEAP also considers non-solar companies that meet more than:
(i) 25 Full-time employment employees
(ii) $3,000,000 revenue.
Non solar companies, in the context of ROGEAP, are established SME from other sectors which contemplate entering the off-grid solar sector with the objective of expanding access to electricity.

We are a subsidiary of international groups and find it difficult to provide the requested information about the owner of the company as we have two shareholders who are not individuals but companies.

We will be happy to know the companies that own the subsidiary. And the principal owners of the holding company if possible.

What information is on the list of documents to be provided to submit the grant application?

Each document required is specific. CV, registration certificates, Bank statements, etc.

ROGEAP does not cover the cost of developing the full proposal.

Exactly! The applicants are responsible for the costs of developing the proposal.

Once I have submitted a submission, how do I update it?

Fill the form first, ensure your proposal is ready and once ready then upload as required, either as a one unitary document or in the various sections which is much easier. In the larger one unitary pdf format may be a bit voluminous to upload for some internet connections. Longer possible to make changes.

It is possible to apply for two grants at the same time for two different projects.

Yes, very true. One company can make two separate applications for two different projects with each providing its equity accordingly.

Which standard is acceptable for the solar products, which are not under Verasol standard?

IEC/TS 62257-9-8 standard adopted by ECOWAS countries

What information is on the list of documents to be provided to submit the grant application?

Each document required is specific. CV, registration certificates, Bank statements, etc.

Which battery is better for solar off-grid system?

Battery is essential for off grid especially for stand-alone systems because battery is the only wait to insure lighting in the night for solar lanterns and SHS.

It is possible for stage 3 enterprise to apply for matching grant?

If you desire please. There is no obligation to the grant choice.

Which charging controller is better between PWM and MPPT controllers?

MPPT controllers are better.

Which inverter is the best between square wave and Sine wave inverters?

For ROGEAP requirement, Sine wave inverters are better.

Can we connect in the same array many modules of the different size and types?

No, this is not technically allowed (Refer to the participants Handout)

No, This no technically allowed (Refer to the participants Handout)

How to know if the module is certified (standard) or not?

Please ask your manufacturer or Supplier to provide the technical data sheet and you have these information on it.

We are doing a street lighting with less than 350W panels but not certify by Verasol, can weapply the grant with this type of project?

No, please your solar street light need to be certified by Verasol or IEC/TS 62257-9-8 standard adopted by ECOWAS countries. Unless, your full proposal will be rejected.

You were sent the documents in the email and or the link provided in the mail that you received.

About the amount of the grant for the “Market- entry”. The question is whether the amount of USD 150,000 includes the personal contribution or not?

Watever money your project is worth then your own contribution must be 10% of the cost of the project. So if ROGEAP has to give 150,000 it implies that your project is about USD167,000. Thus your company should be putting forward an equity contribution of 17,000 to complete you project value.

For supporting documents of our personal contribution. I want to know the nature of thesupporting documents that are being sought: are they receipts for acquired property? A bank statement with a balance corresponding to my personal contribution? Or is it a certificate of financial capacity issued by my bank?

Evidence of the value of your property, ownership tittle or logbook or certificates or bank statement or cash held.

This is about the 50% disbursement for the first tranche. If, at the time of the order, the advance
required by the supplier absorbs the entire 50% of the grant disbursed, is it possible to obtain the
rest of the grant when the container is loaded in order to settle the supplier’s debt?

Exactly yes. If evidence is provided to showcase that 100% is needed to obtain the load of goods being imported or bought, there is not a problem is trenching the two into one or bring forward the second trance to ensure fluidity as required i
enabled. That is the purpose of documentation.

I am currently in France and my return date is scheduled for January 21, 2024.Is there a possibility to grant me a shift for January 25, 2024 instead of January 15 at 6am?

No please. The submission is online. And you may submit from anywhere in the world including France. So it doesn’t confine you to return to the region or country to submit. Kindly recall that implementation must be in the eligible ECOWAS

Is it possible for an SME company to apply for
$1,000,000 in grant?

No please. The available grant has been clearly show cased in the three windows for each project.

Can equity contribution on the field (poles, gropue, cable) be considered as part of Matching

Equity is basically the available value of assets contributing to this particular project. The assetsare to be aligned directly to this project and not outside the project. Additionally, the company applying need to have free access to the asset to be able to utilize this assets for the project purpose.

As part of the SME grant application for the ROGEAP, is it possible to apply for separate grants related to different products?

For example: for the market entry subsidy (USD 50,000 – USD 150,000), when we offer 02 different products, it
is possible to apply for a subsidy of USD 150,000 for each of the products, so USD 300,000 in total?

So far we are dealing with, each project in application.

Each application from whichever company per
project must have its assigned equity contribution
without co-use of equity against another project
withing the grant application.

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