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ROGEAP is implemented under 2 components

Component 1– Focused on developing a regional market and providing technical and financial capacity building support to solar entrepreneurs in eligible countries. Component one is implemented by ECOWAS through a Project Fund Manager Subcomponents of component 1 include:

Component 1 A: Facilitating an Enabling Environment
  • Sub-Component 1 A (b): Supporting the Development of a Regional Ecosystem for Sustainable Growth of the Off-Grid Industry
  • Sub-Component 1 A (c): Sharing Market Intelligence and Facilitating Stakeholder Exchange
  • Sub-Component 1 A (d): Unlocking Regional Demand through Consumer Awareness and Promotional Campaigns
  • Sub-Component 1 A (e): Removing Supply Constraints through Capacity Building of Commercial Financial Institutions and Other Relevant Stakeholders
  • Sub-Component 1 A (f): Exploring New Business Models to Promote the Use of Off-Grids in Public Institutions and Productive-Use Applications
Component 1 B: Providing Entrepreneurship Support
  • Sub-Component 1 B (a): Entrepreneurship and Business Training
  • Sub-Component 1 B (b): Customized Business Acceleration Support
  • Sub-Component 1 B (c): Annual Regional Standalone Solar Business Plan Competition and Workshop
  • Sub-Component 1 B (d): Facilitation of Entry of Non-Solar Businesses to the Solar Industry
  • Sub-Component 1 B (e): Environmental, Social, Health and Safety Risk Management Support System
Component 1 C: Providing Financial Support
  • Sub-Component 1 C (a): Selection of Qualified Businesses for Matching Grants – CTF grant $2 mln, DGIS grant $3 min
  • Sub-Component 1 C (b): Post-Disbursement Support Services
Component 1 D: Barrier Removal for Challenging Markets
  • Sub-Component 1 D (a): Selection of Qualified Businesses for Market Entry and Performance-Based Grants – CTF grant $3 mln, DGIS grant $30 min
  • Sub-Component 1 D (b): Post-Disbursement Support Services

Component 2 – Focused on facilitating access to finance for standalone solar system businesses through line of credit. Component 2 is implemented by BOAD Sub components of component 2 include

Component 2 A: Provision of line of credit for solar businesses
Component 2 B: Contingent grant facility for commercial financial institutions lending to solar companies

SME  Engagement / Entry Points for ROGEAP

SMEs have 3 entry options to the ESF and FSF, via:

1.Prep Course Regional Certification

2.Business Plan Competition

3.EOI and Full Grant Proposal

Some Numbers

Number of Countries Pilot was Implemented in


Number of Awarded Business in the Pilot



ROGEAP Financial support facility to solar entrepreneurs is offered under 3 grant windows.

  1. Matching Grant: For start ups and early-stage businesses.
  2. Market Entry Grant – For Business Expansion and Scale up
  3. Performance Based Grant – To overcome challenging markets

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